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Pleats Fold


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Pleats Fold

Using Pleats Fold

Pleats Fold Options



Pleats Fold

- Auto assign fold angles based on the direction of the pleats.

- Select the Pleats Fold tool from the 2D toolbar.

Using Pleats Fold

- Select the Pleats Fold tool from the 2D toolbar and navigate to the 2D Window.

- Click on the pattern to designate the start point of the pleats direction. Then, drag the mouse towards the direction the pleats will be folded.

- Double click to complete the guide line.

- Make sure to encompass all internal lines that fold angles should be assigned to.

- The Pleats Fold Window will appear.


Pleats Fold Options

  • Pleats Type

- Select the desired pleats type among following options: knife pleats, box pleats, and accordion pleats.


  • Options
      Change the fold direction of the pleats

      -  Set fold angle range that will be applied to the pleats pattern.
      -  Choose among Preset or enter the desired value.

      - Decide whether two or three internal lines will be included per pleats.
      -  If internal lines that are supposed to have 180° fold angles are not established within the pleats pattern, select two for NUMBER OF INTERNAL LINES PER PLEATS.

- After the adjusting the options, hit OK.

- The outside folds will be highlighted in red whereas the inside folds will be highlighted in green.

- The pleats pattern will be folded based on the settings when the Simulation is activated.


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    No, it did not show how to create the pleats, the folded pleats had already been completed. Also not able to find the pleats type tool box as showed in the video. The Videos are too short, nothing much have been revealed

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    @nattyabbey -To add pleats, a 2D pattern should have internal lines. In case, if you haven't added internal lines, add and then try adding pleats.

    Edited by janimd
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    how to create the pleate

  • Avatar

    I am having problem with the auto-pleat, after simulating the pieces the pleats are not laying flat. Meaning, the pleats is used as a design detail, and are place between seams. Can you help me to resolve this problem?