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Create Smooth Curve


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Smooth Curve

Smooth Curve

Smooth Curve with Specific Value

Smooth Curve with Reference Line


Smooth Curve

- Round corners of Patterns or Internal Shapes. 

- Select the Toolbar_2D_Curve_RoundCorner.pngSmooth Curve tool from the 2D toolbar.

- Main Menu > 2D Pattern > Edit > Toolbar_2D_Curve_RoundCorner.pngSmooth Curve

Smooth Curve

- Hover the mouse over the corner which you wish to curve.

- Click and drag the corner to convert it to a rounded corner.

Smooth Curve with Specific Value

- To assign a specific length to the rounded corner, right click on the 2D window while click and dragging the desired corner.

- The Round Corner by Length window appears.

- Type in the line length or adjust the curvature.

- Click OK to complete the rounded corner.


Smooth Curve with Reference Line

- Click Pattern Outlines that make a corner which needs to be rounded.

- A reference line is created between the selected Pattern Outlines.

- Select the side that needs to be rounded.

- Click and drag the reference line to create the desired curve line. Once you release the mouse, the selected side of the Pattern Outline is replaced with the reference line.


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