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Edit Tack


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Edit Tack

Moving Tack

Adjusting Tack Property

Deleting Tack


Edit Tack

- Adjust or delete previously created Tack.

- Select the Edit Tack tool from the 3D toolbar. 

Moving Tack

- Tack Can be moved both in the 2D Window and the 3D Window. 

- The 3D Garment will turn translucent when the Edit Tack tool is selected.

- To move the Tack, click and drag the point to be moved.

- Release the mouse to complete the adjustment.

- In the 2D Window, only the Tack on the 2D Pattern can be moved if were to edit an Avatar Tack.

Adjusting Tack Property

- Select the Edit Tack tool from the 3D toolbar and select the tack to be edited in either the 2D or the 3D Window.

- The selected tack’s property will appear in the Property Editor.

- Enter the desired value for THREAD LENGTH to adjust the thread length joining the tack.

Deleting Tack

- Select the Edit Tack tool from the 3D Toolbar and hover over the tack to be deleted.

- Right click to access the pop-up menu.

- Click DELETE.

- Or, select the tack to be deleted and hit Delete key on the keyboard.

- The selected tack will be deleted.


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