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Change Pose

Fix Neckline and Armhole Length

Draw Avatar Tape

Align Shoulder Lines


Change Pose

- An Avatar with both arms open is used to easily drape Garments. When the 3D Garment is completed draped on an Avatar or a Dummy, apply the Attention pose to the Avatar to check fit.

- To change the Avatar’s pose, load the Pose file from the Pose folder in the Library window.
Be careful to select the folder for the same Avatar currently in use to correctly load matching Avatar. Double click the Attention Pose file.

Fix Neckline and Armhole Length

- In the 3D window, you can check the 3D Garment’s neckline and armhole are stretched. To prevent the stretch of the neckline and the armhole due to the weight of the Garment, apply seam tapes around the neckline and armhole.

- Select the  Seam Taping tool from the 2D toolbar and click the neckline and armhole to apply seam tapes.

- Once the mceclip6.png Simulation is activated, you may check the neckline and armhole are no longer stretched.

Draw Avatar Tape

- To check fit accurately, the 3D Garment’s shoulder lines must match with the Avatar’s shoulder line.

- To see Avatar’s shoulder line clearly, use the Avatar Tape function to draw avatar tapes on the Avatar. Select the  Linear Avatar Tape tool from the 3D toolbar and hover the mouse over the Avatar. Then, click a start point and an end point to create an Avatar tape.

- To create an Avatar Tape around a part of the Avatar, use the  Circumference Avatar Tape tool. When using this tool, to assign the start, directional, and end points, click three times.

※Note: Now Linear Measure avatar tape tools are grouped into 6 measure tools. The line drawn by "Linear Measure" can't do "Attach to Tape". "Tape Measure and Circumference Measure" is the correct tool to create the tape for attachment. (ver6.0)


Align Shoulder Lines

- Activate the mceclip6.png Simulate tool and drag the 3D Garment to match its shoulder lines to the Avatar’s.

- Repeat the same procedure to match shoulder lines for both sides.

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  • Avatar

    Hello, I am attempting to use the Linear Avatar Tape tool from the 3D toolbar to draw even shoulder tape lines on the avatar, however when I hold SHIFT (as shown in the video above) - the blue dotted 'guide lines' are differenct from the video. i.e. there is no shoulder guide to follow... May i please know if there is an extra setting I need to select to expose the same blue dotted guidelines that are shown in the video? or if those guide lines differ depending on the avatar or the pose that is activated?

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    Having the same problem. Where can I find the answer to this?

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    Same problem as the others before and nobody answering :(

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    I am also having the same problem with this step

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    @clo3d having the same problem as the same users above - help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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    Same problem!