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- For faster and easier Simulation, arrange Patterns around an Avatar.

- You may click and drag to arrange Patterns in the 3D window, but use Arrangement Points for faster work. Hover the mouse over the second icon in the Vertical Toggle Menu in the 3D window and select  Show Arrangement Points icon.

- When using the Arrangement Points, select the Pattern to be placed and then click the desired Arrangement Point.

- When Patterns are arranged with the Arrangement Point, it is placed in curve around an Avatar.
To turn off the Arrangement Points, select the Show Arrangement Points icon again.

- You may click and drag to move Patterns even after placing them using the Arrangement Points.

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    I can't see arrangement points when I clic on icon. I check it is activate because I can see a blue dot on corner but my avatar don't show me the blue points around. Can you help me? Thanks