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View Control – 3D


  • haeunko

    I use a Macbook and a regular logitech mouse and can't pan the 3D & 2D windows by holding down the mouse cursor wheel and dragging. Should I buy a magic mouse? OR is it possible to change the preference somehow?

  • silvialis

    Hello I have the same problem.. I have a Wacom intros tablet and I can't pan the 3D & 2D windows by holding down the mouse cursor wheel and dragging..... Can you help me?

  • chopperwitz

    I have the same problem using the magic mouse with windows 10. Any suggestions?Is there a hot-key for panning?

  • athar786

    Yes, This is good for beginning of this Software.

  • chopperwitz

    To set a shortcut key for Pan... Settings --> User Settings --> View Controls -->


    I used the alt/rt mouse button because that was what was available, not my first choice, but a fix.

  • meredithrfullers

    I'm using a magic mouse as well and cannot rotate my avatar. I've tried changing the view controls to each setting and I'm still unable to rotate. Any suggestions?

  • eugenio63

    Using a Magic Mouse I can pan holding the option key in the keyboard and making a click with the mouse. Besides I can rotate the avatar making a right side click in the mouse.

  • aska

    Hello, I have Imac and apple magic mouse and I cannot rotate because I don't have right side mouse button, same problem with view control menu - I can't open it. I tried to use only mouse and mouse in combination with various buttons, but all is useless. I have clo5 trial version, how can I deal with this problem?

  • jciarla

    I can't get my right click. functions work to work or my 3d rotation. I/m using a macbook air and have a touch pad. I've applied the setting changes in preferences.

  • ritalim

    Help, please!
    Before I can hold down both left and right mouse to rotate 3D avatar. Why can't I do it anymore? What did I click to make it change?
    I also can't right click mouse to show the functions (left, right, front, back...) of avatar anymore.
    Thanks a lot

  • yyds2002