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Improve Garment Completeness


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Apply Fabric

Use Hi-Res Garment Tool


Apply Fabric

- Use appropriate fabric to check fit correctly.

- Click and drag the desired Fabric file to the Pattern from the Library window.

- Activate the mceclip6.png Simulate tool to confirm the change in the 3D Garment’s silhouette.

Use Hi-Res Garment Tool

- Use the  Hi-Res Garment tool to simply improve the Garment completeness.
Use this tool to decrease the Particle Distance, Add’l"l Thickness – Collision, and Skin Offset values at once.

- Change the Simulation Quality to Complete – Nonlinear to accurately calculate and emulate fabric properties.

- Click OK to apply the changes to the 3D Garment.

- Once these settings are applied, depending on the computer specification, Simulation may seem slowed down. Thus, fine-tuning Garments at this stage is not recommended.

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