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Segment Sewing

Free Sewing



- To join Patterns, they have to be connected with Sewing Lines.

- Use the  Segment Sewing or the > Free Sewing tool from the 2D toolbar to establish Sewing Lines on Patterns.

Segment Sewing

- Use the Segment Sewing tool to sew segments between two points.

- Click each segments to be sewn to establish a pair of Sewing Lines.

- When establishing the Sewing Lines, be mindful of Directional Notches as they should not be twisted.

- After creating the Sewing Lines between Patterns, Patterns are joined in the 3D window when Simulated.

Free Sewing

- Use the  Free Sewing tool freely establish Sewing Lines along Pattern outlines and Internal Lines, arbitrary deciding start and end points of the Sewing Lines.

- Click four times in total to create a pair of Free Sewing Lines. Click on a Pattern outline or an Internal Line to create a start point and drag the mouse to decide the direction of the Sewing Line. Then, click again to complete the first half of the Sewing Line. Then, create the other half of the Sewing Line on Pattern outline or Internal Line which the first half of the Sewing Line is to be attached to.

- Be mindful to not twist Directional Notches when using the Free Sewing tool as well.

- When the Simulation is activated after creating Sewing Lines, sewn Patterns are joined in the 3D window.

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    In video 10, it is not clear how to reset the fabric after using the Simulate tool.

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    kindly check your email i have been waiting for your answer since evening :)

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    as cool as this program is, its very hard for beginners to even figure out what to do... the fact these videos have no vocal explanations makes it hard to watch the video and read at the same time :(

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    Lyn Edwards

    Why is there no audio on these files?? It's impossible to follow along without audio, explaining what each tool is doing and why

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    i want to buy package that includes tutorial and online coaching.It is very hard for me as a beginner to follow the videos.
    The video is blurred and cannot see the icon.=(