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3D Window / 2D Window / Object Browser / Property Editor

Buttons at the Bottom



- The Library window is located on the furthest left.

- Open and use default assets provided by CLO such as Avatar, Garment, Trim, and more.
Add frequently used folders to the Library window and access directly in CLO.

- To add a frequently used folder to the Library window, select the Add button and choose the folder to be added from the File Browser. Then, click Select Folder.

- Add the Quickstart_Files folder which contains Quick Start exercise files.

- Download exercise files here.

3D Window / 2D Window / Object Browser / Property Editor

- The 3D window is on the Library window’s right. In the 3D window, you may load Avatar and Dummy to drape and move 3D Garments.

- The 2D window is on the 3D window’s right. Load DXF files to edit and sew Patterns.

- In the Object Browser, you may see all items in the 3D and 2D windows. The Fabric tab is selected by default.

- Properties related to the selected item from the Object Browser appear in the Property Editor. Check and edit properties.

Buttons at the Bottom

- You may find three buttons at the right bottom corner of the software.

- Click the button in the middle to hide the 2D window and only show the 3D window. Click the button on the right to hide the 3D window and only show the 2D window. To see both 3D and 2D windows, click the button on the left.

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    It would be far better with spoken explanations. It is really hard to figure this program out without good tutorials. I am at the point of giving up.

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    Hello, I am at the beggining point- it could be nice to have explained the options, how we can start the first project- I suppose that it should be 1) from 0 to create pattern directly on the avatar 2) from already existing garment by modifying it (how to modify, all the alternatives), 3) from basic patterns - by the way-are there somewhere located automatically created basic patterns that corresponds to each avatar (according exact measurements of the body) ? 3) freestyle mode with pen drawing crazy desings by meantioning how to esure that at the end all pieces are sewn together correctly... thanks

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    I also think that it would be much more helpful, if it would be a spoken tutorial including an intro, explaining the things.
    Especially when you start new and try to figure out everything!


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    How can we move the 2D tool bar from the top to the left side of the Windows ???

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    @phillipecao to move the toolbars from top to left click under Settings on the top menu bar, then User Settings. A window should pop up. On the left side click on User Interface, and you should see two dropdown menus under "Toolbar" where you can specify where the 2D and 3D menus pop up.

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    Видео практически бесполезные. Особенно второе, в нем вообще ничего не происходит. "Загрузите файлы DXF для редактирования и вышивания рисунков." как загрузить? куда загрузить?

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    Has anyone figured it out after downloading the software? I am good at technology but can't figure this one:/

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    I am a handbag designer and am using the trial software to see if I like it, but I don't find where I can create a handbag. Any help would be appreciated

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    Seriously need spoken instructions, plus it's so small and blurry you can't see what's being pointed at.

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    this is too confusing and makes no sense to create anything...just where to start