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Refining a Jacket: Adding Shoulder Pads



Download exercise file for Refining a Jacket: Sleeve Heads / Adding Shoulder Pads


  • Loading the Shoulder Pads

    - Both the Women’s and Men’s Shoulder Pads are provided in the CLO Library by default.

    - Navigate to Library > Trim > Shoulder Pad. Right click on the thumbnail of the desired shoulder pads. A pop-up menu will appear. Select Add to Workplace. For this particular exercise, load the Men’s Shoulder Pads.

    - The Add Garment pop-up window will appear. Set the X,Y,Z values to 0.0.

    - Click OK to add the shoulder pads.

  • Arranging the Shoulder Pads

    - Arrange the Shoulder Pads inside the jacket.

    - Immediately after the Shoulder Pads are loaded, click on the shoulder pad Patterns in the 3D Window to access the Gizmo tool. If the Shoulder Pads are not highlighted in yellow, it means that they are not selected. If this is the case, use the mceclip7.png Transform Pattern tool from the 2D Toolbar to click and drag over the shoulder pad Patterns in the 2D Window. Return to the 3D Window and use the Gizmo tool to adjust the placement of the shoulder pads.

    - Rotate around the Avatar to make sure that the shoulder pads are securely placed within the jacket.

  • Freezing the Shoulder Pads

    - Freeze the shoulder pads to anchor them in place.

    - Any collision between the shoulder pads and the jacket Patterns can be reduced by Freezing the shoulder pads.

  • Simulation

    - Use the Layer function on the jacket Patterns to mitigate Simulation instability between the jacket and the shoulder pads.

    - Using the mceclip7.png Transform Pattern tool, select all the jacket Patterns in the 2D Window. In the 2D grid, click and drag over all the jacket Patterns. Make sure that the marquee box fully encompasses the Patterns to select them properly. Then, navigate to the Property Editor and scroll down to Layer under Simulation Properties. Change the value to 1.

    - Activate mceclip8.png Simulate until the jacket Patterns are completely settled over the shoulder pads.

  • Unfreezing the Shoulder Pads

    - Unfreeze the shoulder pads.

    - Select and right click on the shoulder pad Patterns either in the 2D or the 3D Window to access a pop-up window. Select Unfreeze.

    - Turn on mceclip8.png Simulate again to smooth out the shoulder pads.


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  • Avatar

    In Version 5.2 the Shoulder Pads are missing.
    ...\CLO\Assets\Materials\Hardware_and_Trims is empty!

    A possible work-around is to use the project file of the next lesson. It alteady contains shoulder pads.

    Edit: I found and solved the problem. The Library must be downloaded first. (Small Download icon in the Library window). Then the Shoulder Pad are where expected.

    Edited by alsk