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Edit Button Style


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Edit Button Style

Edit Properties

Open/Save Button Style


Edit Button Style

- Edit properties for the button style.

- Select a button style from the Object Browser ▶ Button Tab and view the selected button’s properties in the Property Editor.

Edit Properties

  • Button Name
    - Rename the selected button style.

  • Shape
    - Rename the selected button style.

    - Click the drop-down arrow next to the Shape menu to view all default button shapes.

    - Select the desired button shape.

    - The shape is applied to the button.

  • Width
    - Set the width of the button style.

    - The width’s unit follows the unit configured by the user in the settings.

    - To use Ligne (L) as the width unit, please navigate to Main Menu ▶ Settings ▶ User Settings ▶ Others ▶ Unit and toggle on the Use Ligne (L) for Button Width option.

  • Thickness
    - Set the thickness of the button style.

  • Weight
    - Set the weight of the button style in grams.

Open/Save Button Style

  • Open
    - Click the Open button on the top of the Property Editor to load previously saved button style.

  • Save
    - Click the Save button on the top of the Property Editor to save the configured button style.
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