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Edit Block Folders in the Modular Configurator Window



Edit Block folders at your convenience to organize Blocks in the folders.


Vertical Menu Tab on the Left ▶ Modular Configurator ▶ (Select) Block Folder


  1. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    Vertical Menu Tab on the Left ▶ Modular Configurator ▶ (Select) Block Folder

    → All Blocks in the selected Block folder appears in the Modular Configurator.

  2. Select the edit_configurator.png Edit button.
    Show icons appear on every Garment thumbnails.
  3. Select a Modular Structure file that you want to organize first. 
    → All Blocks compatible with the selected Module Structure are now being displayed.

  4. Click on the Display icon to either display or hide the Garments or Blocks 
    → Hidden Garments or Blocks appear in lighter shade and the displayed Garments or Blocks appear in brighter shade.

  5.  Click on the  Save button to save in the configuration file in the same folder as the Block. 

  6. When editing is done, select the ____3.png Exit button.
    The Blocks appear in the Modular Configurator accordingly.

※ Note: 

  • It is able to tie the Modular configuration files as a group by adding a group in the Editor Mode when needing a category that is above all the Modular configuration files. 

  • Unlikely to the Blocks, one Modular configuration file can only be included in one group. 


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