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Register Custom OBJ as Buttons


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Register Button

Add Button


Register Button

- Register custom OBJ files as buttons as needed.

- Navigate to the Main Menu and select Materials ▶ Button ▶ Register Button.

- Or, select a desired button style from the Object Browser ▶ Button Tab. Then, navigate to the Property Editor to find the Register Button button next to the Shape toggle down menu.

Add Button

- Follow the indicated path above and select the Register Button button.

- The Register Button window appears.

- Name the button.

- Select the Search button next to the OBJ menu to choose a custom OBJ file.

- Select the + button next to the Thumbnail menu to load a custom image to be the button’s thumbnail.

- Select OK to complete the registration.

- The registered button appears in the following path: Object Browser ▶ Button Tab ▶ Button (Select a Style) ▶ Property Editor ▶ Shape.

- The registered button is saved to CLO-ENTERPRISE ▶ Assets_ver. x. x. xx ▶ Preferences ▶ Button_Preset.

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