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Edit Grading


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Right Click the pop-up menu



Edit the grading size applied to the Pattern


Main Menu ▶ 2D Pattern ▶ Edit Grading / Edit Curve Grading / Edit Grading (Each) / Edit Curve Grading (Each)

2D Toolbar ▶ mceclip0.png Edit Grading / mceclip1.png Edit Curve Grading / Edit Grading (Each) / Edit Curve Grading (Each)




    1. To edit the grading value, click the check box to the right of the Size to be based.
      → The size checked is set to Base.
    2. Select the tool/menu indicated.
    3. Click the pattern outline or point.
      → The grading properties appear in the property editor. 
    4. Set the following properties or edit the grading value with the arrow keys on the keyboard.
      Properties Description
      Distance For each size, set the distance from the segment or point of the base size
      Offset Set the offset between each size. When the All value is changed, the offset between all sizes is applied equally to the corresponding value. 
      Arrow Key Movement Set the movement distance of the arrow keys.
      → The grading value is applied and the size other than the Base is displayed as a segment of the set color.

※ Note:
  • Click a point of any size pattern with Edit Grading (Each) / Edit Curve Grading (Each) ▶ Edit it by dragging. (ver 6.2)
  • Click a point ▶ If you right-click while dragging, you can enter the moving distance directly to move. (ver 7.0)

    Right Click the pop-up menu

    1. Select the tool/menu indicated.
    2. Right-click on the pattern outline and point.
      A right-click pop-up menu appears.

    3. Click the menu as needed
      Menu Description
      Remove Graded size  The grading applied to the selected pattern is removed.
      Copy / Paste/ Mirror Paste(ver 6.1)

      Copy, Paste and Mirror Paste the grading value of the selected point.

      Flip Horizontally /Vertically The grading applied to the selected segment is flipped horizontally/vertically
      Align (ver 6.1) Rearrange grading by Pattern/Segment/Point.


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