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Module Structure


Module is a system that allows you to adjust the designs easily and combine them part by part. 

Please see the terminology for the Module below in order to have a better understanding in the Modular Mode. 


A: Module Structure: A state when a Block Box that consists of a Garment is sewn to another. When sewing a Block Box that is in this Block Structure to a Pattern, it automatically creates Sewing Lines in between the Patterns as it is already interlocked.   

B: Pattern: Patterns to be included in a Block that will be adjusted partially. Patterns in the Modular Mode can be modified and sewn the same as the Simulation Mode. 

C: Block Box: A frame that consists of a Module Structure.

D: Block: A state when Patterns are sewn to Block Boxes. Blocks that have the same Block Boxes can be replaced with each other.

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    I felt it was helpful because it gave examples.

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    @blobfish4106! Glad to hear that it helped!!