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Edit Notch Properties


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Notch Properties

Edit Notch Properties

Notch Length


Notch Properties

- Edit properties of a Notch as needed. 

- Select the Notch tool from the 2D toolbar.

- Navigate to the Main Menu and select 2D Pattern ▶ Create ▶ Notch

Edit Notch Properties

- Select the Notch to be modified.

- The properties of the selected Notch appear in the Property Editor.

  • Name

    - Rename the Notch.

  • Type

    - Choose the type of the Notch.

  • Angle

    - Set the degree of angle for the Notch.
    • Perpendicular
      - The Notch is placed perpendicular to its segment.

    • Custom
      - Decide the angle of the Notch based on its segment.

  • Direction

    - This option only appears when a Notch is created in a corner.

    - Decided the direction of the Notch.
    • Point (Center)
      - The Notch is created at the center of the corner.

    • Segment 1
      - The Notch is created towards a segment.

    • Segment 2
      - The Notch is created towards the other segment.

  • Flip

    - The Notch is created on the other side of the segment.


Notch Length_ver.5.0.0 and Above

- Edit Notch length as desired.


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