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Create Notch

Select Notch

Move Notch

Delete Notch

Notch on Seam Allowance

Notch Display Type



- Create, select, move, and delete Notches on Pattern outlines. 

- Select the Notch tool from the 2D toolbar.

- Navigate to the Main Menu and select 2D Pattern ▶ Create ▶ Notch

Create Notch

  • Create Manually

    - Hover the mouse over the Pattern outline or Internal Line where a notch should be added.

    - A red point appears on the segment where the mouse is hovering over.

    - Click on the segment to create a Notch and it is automatically selected and highlighted in yellow.

  • Create with Specific Numbers

    - To create a Notch on a specific position, right click on a segment where a notch is desired to be added.

    - The Notch window appears allowing you to specify location.
    • Split into Two Lines
      - The line will be divided into two lines based on the reference point which was created when you hover the mouse over and right click the segment. The shorter side is indicated as Line 1, and the longer side is indicated as Line 2.

      - The ratio of the line to be split is 100%. The line can be divided into two lines based on the ratio. Enter the desired ratio in either Line 1 or Line 2 to split the segment into two lines.

    • Split by Length
      - Divide the selected line into multiple segments according to the desired length of each segment.

      - Segment Length: Enter the segment length, which the whole line should be divided according to the interval. To reverse the direction that points are added, select Reverse Direction.

      - Number of Segments: Enter the number of segments the selected line should be divided into.

      - Direction: Reverse the direction that points are added.

    • Uniform Split
      - Enter the number of segments the line should be divided into next to the Number of Segments option. The line is equally divided accordingly.

Select Notch

- Click the Notch created on a segment.

- The Notch is selected and highlighted in yellow.


Move Notch

  • Move Manually

    - Click and drag the Notch created on a Pattern outline or an Internal Line.

    - Release the mouse when the Notch is moved to the desired place.

    - The Notch is successfully moved.

  • Move with Specific Numbers

    - To move the Notch with specific numbers, right click while click-and-dragging the Notch.

    - Enter the desired value when the Moving Distance window appears. 。

    - The Notch is moved accordingly.


Delete Notch

- Select the Notch to be deleted.

- Hit the Delete key on the keyboard.

- Or, right click on the Notch to be deleted and select Delete option from the pop-up menu.



Notch on Seam Allowance_ver5.0.0 and Above 

- When a notch is added, it appears on both its Pattern Outline and the seam allowance.

- When a seam allowance is added to a Pattern Outline with a notch, the notch appears on the seam allowance as well.

- When a notch is added to a corner with seam allowance, the notch randomly appears on either side of the seam allowance at the corner.


Notch Display Type_ver5.0.0 and Above

 - Configure notches' 2D display options.

- Navigate to the path: Main Menu ▶ Setting ▶ User Setting ▶ 2Dㅁ ▶ Notch

  • Length Fixed to Screen : Notches are displayed in a fixed length regardless of the screen size (zoom in or out.)
    ※Note: When this option is selected, the Notch Length option disappears from the Property Editor.
  • Actual Length : Notches's size adapts to the screen size (zoom in or out.)
    ※Note : When this option is selected, the Notch Length option appears in the Property Editor.



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