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V-Ray Render


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V-Ray Render

Interactive Render

Stop Render

Final Render (Image/Video)


V-Ray Render

- Produce more vivid and photorealistic images with clear seamlines and puckerings.

- Navigate to the Main Menu and select Render ▶ Render

- Or, navigate to the Main Menu ▶ Display ▶ Window ▶ Render

Interactive Render

- By default, the stop_render.png Stop Render tool is activated when the Render window opens.

- Click the interactive_render.png Interactive Render tool on the 2D toolbar or click the message, “Click here to start the Interactive Render” to start rendering.

- Render Garments and Avatars in the 3D window in real-time with the Interactive Render tool.

- Any changes in 3D view are also reflected in the Render window.

Stop Render

- Click the stop_render.png Stop Render tool to temporarily pause while rendering.

- Rendering is paused in the Render window.

- Any changes in the 3D window do not reflect in the Render window when the stop_render.png Stop Render tool is activated.
- Click the interactive_render.png Interactive Render tool to resume real time rendering.

Final Render (Image/Video)

- The image shown in the Render window is a preview of real time Render, which Render settings are not fully applied.

-  To extract the final Render images or a video with Render settings fully applied, click the final_render.png Final Render (Image/Video) tool.

- The progress of the rendering appears on the right top corner of the Render toolbar.

- When rendering is completed, the Information window appears, informing the images or video have been saved.

- Select the Open the  Folder button to open the folder where the final output is saved.

- The final output is automatically saved to the saving path assigned in the Image/Video Properties.

- Image/Video Properties, Light Properties, and Render Properties are fully applied to the final render output.


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