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V-Ray Render Properties


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Render Properties


Noise Threshold

Max, Render Time (min)


Render Properties

- Edit render properties applied to final render output.

-  Select the Render Properties tool from the Render toolbar and navigate to the Property Editor.


- Decide the core engine used during render among CPU, GPU (CUDA,) and GPU (OpenCL).

  • GPU
    - Use CPU when render.

    - Use GPU (CUDA) when render.

  • GPU(OpenCL)
    - Use GPU (OpenCL) when render. .

    - The option does not appear in Mac.


Noise Threshold

- Decide the amount of noise shows in the final render image.

- Default value is 0.01 and it can be adjusted between 0.001 and 0.015.

- Bigger the Noise Threshold is, more noise appears.

Max, Render Time (min)

- The rendering process only takes about two minutes on average when default settings are used for Light Properties, Image/Video Properties, and Render Properties.

- However, the render time may differ when properties are modified. To prevent extensive delay, limit the time used for rendering each image by configuring the Max, Render Time (min).


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