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V-Ray Render Light Properties


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Light Properties

Environment Map

Light Intensity

Rectangle Light

Open/Save Settings


Light Properties

- Set lighting properties applied to final render output.

- Select the Light Properties tool from the render toolbar and navigate to the Property Editor.

Environment Map

- The environment map is a lighting setting processed into an image format.

- By default, six different environment maps are provided. 

- Select the desired environment map as needed.

Light Intensity

- Adjust the brightness of the 3D Garment in the final rendered image by configuring the Light Intensity. 

- The default value is 1.00 and the setting can be adjusted between 0.00 and 4.00.

- Higher the value is, brighter the 3D Garment is.



Rectangle Light


- Add and modify point lights up to three.

- Adjust lights' location with the Gizmo tool. 

  • Intensity
    - Adjust the intensity of the light.

  • Color
    - Set the color of the light.

  • Width
    - Set the width of the light.

  • Height
    - Set the height of the light.

  • Show
    - Show or hide the light from the 3D window.


※ Note : 

  • To create a three-dimensional render image, there must be a key light. Add key lights as needed to create more dynamic images.
  • When the Rectangle Lights are used along with the Dome Light, use a HDRI image without a key light.


Open/Save Settings

  • Open
    - Click the Open button on the right top corner of the Property Editor to load previously saved Light Properties.

  • Save
    - Click the Save button on the right top corner of the Property Editor to save the configuration.


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