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Does CLO come with a fabric database?



Does CLO come with a fabric database?



Yes. CLO provides approximately 49 Fabrics in the CLO Library.

You may also purchase other Fabrics in CLO-SET CONNECT, or can purchase CLO Fabric Kit to measure and calculate custom Fabrics and use in CLO. If you are interested in purchasing CLO Fabric Kit, please contact CLO Global Support Team.

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    Why is the 'submit button' greyed out when trying to connect with the CLO Global Support Team? I am trying to inquire about the CLO Fabric Kit 2.o

    Thank you

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    there has been an error! please try it again :)

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    Hi, I was just looking on CLOSET at the 'further' fabrics you have for sale on there (I was looking for silks) and I see that you have 6 further options, but there is zero info about the silk compositions? No further info beyond the thumbnail. Can you tell me please if these silks are in any way different to the silks that are bundled with the program? I am trying to find a Twill weave, either 8 or 12 momme. Thanks