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Set Sublayer (Pattern)



In the 2D window, set an order between two selected Patterns to achieve stable simulation for a 3D Garment with multiple layers such as windbreaker, utilitarian jacket, and more.


3D Toolbar ▶ set_sublayer.png Set Sublayer


  1. Follow the indicated guideline below: 

    3D Toolbar ▶ set_sublayer.png Set Sublayer

    → Only Pattern outlines appear in the 2D window.

  2. Click a Pattern to be arranged on top.
    → The selected Pattern's outline turns red and a red arrow follows along the mouse cursor.

  3. Click another Pattern that should be arranged below the first Pattern clicked.
    → A black arrow is created connecting two selected Patterns.
    → A plus sign appears at the center of the arrow to indicate the order of two Patterns.

  4. To change the order between two Patterns, use the same tool and select the plus sign.
    → The plus sign changes to a minus sign and the Pattern order is changed.



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