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Can I use Patterns constructed in CLO in the manufacturing process?


  • shakib4296

    which modification / change needs ?

  • Permanently deleted user

    @shakib4296 Sorry for delayed reply!

    At the time of this FAQ was written, we mentioned "slight modification" since we did not provide 2D CAD related features such as Seam Allowance and Notch, which we do HAVE NOW.

    Also, as CLO will be compatible with plotters starting from its ver4.2.0 which is expected to launch in September 2018, CLO can be utilized more comprehensively by apparel industry.

    With improved and newly added 2D CAD features to CLO, you can create better industrial patterns. However, as the concept of "manufacturing process" is comprehensive and can be defined differently by each company, it is difficult for us to guarantee without knowing a company's need in detail.

    Are you part of a manufacturer or interested in how CLO can be implemented to your company?
    Please contact us:

    Although this is not the exact answer to your question, I hope it helps :)