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How accurate are virtual fabrics?


  • danielemanassero

    I'm not very satisfied with the accuracy of fabrics in Clo.
    Very often my projects have a decrease in simulation quality when one of the fabrics from the Clo Library is applied.
    Too many wrinkles and the garments tend to appear less realistic than the default fabric!
    I think I'm missing something in the process but I don't understand what.

  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi! Sorry that you are not satisfied with our fabric accuracy! However! I maybe able to help you further with the comparison you are looking at! Are you comparing the 3D outcome with the real garment? Or is it just you are not satisfied with the general design and silhouette of the 3D outcome?

  • danielemanassero

    Can I send you two jpg files to explain better what I mean?
    I don't pretend to compare the simulation with the real garment (for now! :)) Having 36 year of expertise
    as pattern maker I know how fabric works generally.
    Have the fabrics become too sophisticated?
    I don't see great difference applying different fabrics on average.
    A library of textures and normal map might be an appreciated improvement( eventually with less fabric)
    My goal is to have a quick preview of the real prototype before sewing it.
    Anyway, these are just my thoughts
    I think the software is fantastic and it can improve with future upgrade.

  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi! I just sent an email to you :) Feel free to reply with the images!

  • Permanently deleted user

    Just so that other users can follow up with this issue, I will paste my answer:

    I would like to clarify that fabrics drape differently depending on its construction even if their contents are the same. Therefore, our cotton canvas 100% can be different from cotton canvas 100% you have in your mind. Please also be noted that our default fabric resembles heavy jersey which drapes better in real-life as well. This could be why you prefer default fabric. If you are not quite satisfied with what we provide in the Library, I suggest you to explore our Marketplace for other options. You can check their drape on cylinder as preview. Also, as we are preparing for fabric digitization service, please hang tight! Once you use the customized fabric, you may get higher satisfaction with the 3D outcome.

    Secondly, our fabric can seem almost the same when they are just applied to the 3D window, without changing the simulation quality to Complete Nonlinear. Simulate (Complete Nonlinear) mode calculates all physical properties of the fabric more accurately and expresses the fabric more realistically. However, please keep in mind to maintain the simulation quality to Normal when editing garments as changing the simulation quality to Complete Nonlinear can slow down the speed. In sum, use Simulate (Normal) when editing garments, change to Simulate (Complete Nonlinear) when the garment is fully finished.
    I also highly suggest you to refer to below manuals for more detail.

    Improve Garment Completeness
    Enhancing the Quality of a Garment
    Hi-Res Garment