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Topstitch Item/Property


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Topstitch Item

Topstitch Item List

Editing Topstitch Item

Utilizing Topstitch Item


Topstitch Item

- Create and edit Topstitch items.

- Navigate to Object Browser – Topstitch Tab 

Topstitch Item List

- Default_Topstitch is part of the program asset which is created upon download. It is fixed in the list and cannot be deleted. 

  • Adding Topstitch Item

    - Navigate to Object Browser ▶ Topstitch Tab ▶ Add Button 

    - A new Topstitch item is created. 

  • Duplicating Topstitch Item 

    - Click on the Topstitch item to be duplicated.

    - The Copy button above the Topstitch List is activated.

    - Click the Copy button as a duplicated Topstitch will be created at the bottom of the list.

  • Deleting Topstitch Item 

    - Only unused Topstitch item can be deleted.

    - Click on the Delete icon located at the right side of the Topstitch item.

    - Or right-click on the Topstitch item to access the pop-up menu. Select Delete. 

Editing Topstitch Item

- Select the Topstitch item to be edited and navigate to Object Browser. 

  • Name

    - Change name for the selected Topstitch item. 

  • Type

    - There are two types of Topstitches: OBJ and Texture

    Select desired option. 

  • Material

    • Preset
      - Select shapes of Topstitches among provided options: CustomBartackButtonholeOverlock,PickstitchSingleSingle_Offset_0Zigzag.

      - When either Buttonhole or Overlock is selected, an additional option Stitch Width will appear.

    • Color
      - Click on the color chip to change Topstitch color.

      - Click on the drop-down arrow next to Color to access child options: Ambient Intensity and Diffuse Intensity.

      - Adjust each option as needed.

    • Offset
      - Commonly used offset values are provided as preset.

      - Input specified value as needed.

      - The unit corresponds to the unit that is currently used in CLO.

    • Length (SPI)
      - Adjust the length of each Stitch.

      - SPI is the abbreviation for Stitch per Inch. As SPI increases, each Stitch length shortens.

      - Input specified stitch length as needed.

    • Thread Thickness
      - Adjust the Thickness of the Thread manually.

      -  Expand the drop down menus by clicking the Arrow button.

      - Choose the desired unit used for Thread Thickness among Tex, Ticket (Tkt,) Metric (Nm,) Denier (Den,) and Millimeter.

      - When Preset is set as Pickstitch, a child option is added to adjust distance in between each Stitch.

    • Face
      - Choose the Topstitch’s placement on the fabric: FrontBackBoth

    • Number of Line
      - Assign number of lines for a Topstitch item.

      - When more than two lines are created, a child option Distance will appear. Use this option to adjust the apart distance of lines.

      - Select among provided values or input custom values as needed.

  • Multilayered Topstitch 

    - When a Topstitch item is created, only one layer is created by default.

    - To create multilayered Topstitch, click the + tab next to 1 tab.

    - Toggle On Use This Stitch option. The options will be activated.

    - Adjust options as needed.

    - As many as five layers of Stitches can be created to express complicated Stitch styles such as Color Overlock.

  • Multilayered Topstitch_ver.4.1.0 and Above  

    - Create various different types of Topstitches up to five at a time.

    - Choose the desired number of Topstitch lines using the drop down menu
    next to Stitch Count.

    - To configure multiple lines of a single Topstitch style at the same time,
    toggle on below options as needed.

    - Use Same Specification: Toggle on this option to configure multiple topstitches' Specification related options such as Shape, Length, Space and more at the same time.

    - Use Material: Toggle on this option to configure multiple topstitches' Material
    related options such as Texture, Color, Type and more at the same time.

  • Default Topstitch Tread Thickness Unit_ver.4.2.0 and avobe  

    - Change the default unit for Topstitch thickness.

    - Navigate to Main Menu ▶ Settings ▶ User Settings ▶ User Interface ▶ Default Topstitch Thread Thickness Unit

    - Select the desired unit among five options.

  • Space_ver.4.2.0 and avobe  

    - Set the distance between each stitch of Topstitch style.

    - The Space value can be both negative and positive values.

Utilizing Topstitch Item

  • Saving/Opening Topstitch Item 

    - Select the Topstitch item to be saved. 

    - Click on the Save button at the top of the properties. 

    - A file browser will appear. Designate file name and path, and then click on the Save button.

    - The Topstitch item will be saved as .sst format. 

    - To open a Topstitch item, select the Open button at the top of the properties.

    - When a file browser appears, located and open the Topstitch item to be opened.

  • Applying Topstitch Item

    - Select the  Edit Topstitch tool from the 2D toolbar.

    - Then, navigate to 2D window and select on the Topstitch line created on 2D Pattern. The selected Topstitch line will be highlighted in pink.

    - Click Assign button.

    - The selected Topstitch item will be applied to the Topstitch line created on 2D Pattern.

    - Or right-click on the Topstitch line on 2D Pattern to access a pop-up menu.

    - Select Assign to New Topstitch.

    - A new Topstitch item is created as it is automatically assigned to the selected Topstitch line on 2D Pattern. (Reference Editing Topstitch)


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