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Simulation Instability-The Entire Garment


List of Contents

Opening a Project File

Instant Deformation of the 3D Garment

Rearranging Patterns



Download exercise file for Simulation Instability - The Entire Garment 


Opening a Project File

- This tutorial will cover how to resolve Simulation instability of the entire garment.

- Open the file, Simulation Instability The Entire Garment, for this exercise. (Download the practice files before starting this tutorial.)

- To do so, navigate to the CLO Tutorial folder, which was previously added in the Introduction to CLO tutorial, within the Library. Go to E_Fixes, then b_Simulation Instability The Entire Garment. Double click on the file, Simulation Instability The Entire Garment, or drag and drop it into either the 3D or 2D Window.

Instant Deformation of the 3D Garment

- Activate mceclip0.png Simulate and check for Simulation instability. Immediately after mceclip0.png Simulate is turned on, the Patterns will collide with one another and cause the garment to shake uncontrollably. This is due to improper Pattern placement during Pattern Arrangement.

Rearranging Patterns

  • Reset 3D Arrangement (All)

    - Select the mceclip0.png Reset 3D Arrangement (All) tool from the 3D Toolbar. The Patterns will return to their Arrangement prior to Simulation in the 3D Window.

  • Arranging Layered Patterns

    - Change to a Front or Side view in the 3D Window. Use the Gizmo tool to separate the outer and inner layers of the garment. Pull the outer layers out and away from the Avatar. Push the inner layers closer to the Avatar.
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