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Is training available?



Is training available?



Yes! CLO for Individual users provides various online training resources on the CLO web as well as social media.


1. Basic training: With this 4-part web tutorial, our expert designers will equip you with all the skills you need to get started using CLO.


2. Youtube tutorial with sound guide available

  • CLO features: This playlist includes all the tools in the CLO 3D window, and how to use them
  • CLO tips and tricks: This playlist includes tutorial videos for intermediate to advanced CLO users looking to learn tips for creating and expressing various garments in CLO


3. Additional Online training resources

  • Manual -- Find step-by-step instructions for CLO features.
  • Lessons -- Learn the basics and create your first 3D garment. 
  • Community -- Gain insights and share your expertise with CLO users.
  • Youtube Channel -- Find more video-based tutorials from beginning to advance. 


4. CONNECT - Digital sourcing platform for CLO users

If you'd rather prefer bespoke training, I advise you to reach out to users in CONNECT as I know some of them offer online training.


*CLO for Enterprise clients will have access to face-to-face training workshops. If you are interested in on-site Training Workshops, please contact us.





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  • Avatar

    Hi. contact me at if interested in taking clo 3D training for beginners or advance

  • Avatar

    Hi Sugu,
    I am a print designer, I want to use Clo to apply my lagging pattern to an avatar. I do placement prints and want to see exactly how the print would fall on the legging.
    I do not have the time to learn all of Clo at once, I was wondering if it would be possible to have a lesson that would get me started with only what I need to know to get this job done.
    Once I am familiar with this I will get training in other aspects of Clo.
    Please let me know what you charge etc.
    Thank you
    Colin Heaney