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How long will it take me to learn CLO?



How long will it take me to learn CLO?



The learning pace for CLO software differs for each individual and depends on the hours of practice and the complexity of your project. Therefore, it is hard to estimate the learning period, but everyone can reach a professional level after a certain practice.


Some CLO users get it quickly through online tutorials on various channels and communicating with other CLO users. If you could build your network, you may be able to acquire more extensive knowledge than others.


For more information, please refer to the article about the Available Training Resources.

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    Hi I have downloaded a free trial to see how CLO works but I am told I don't have access to the lessons page.
    How can I be expected to understand the program and see if it works for me if I am unable to access the lessons page to learn how to actually use the program?

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    Hi! Sorry for the inconvenience :( As I updated the link to the Lessons page, would you please try again? Thanks!

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    For a designer to make the transition from doing 2D cads, to using 3D software how long does it take for someone to learn this?

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    how can I change the measures from mm to cm ?