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Correcting Improper Sleeve Simulation


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Opening a Project File


Solution A – The Reset 3D Arrangement (All) tool

Solution B – The Select Mesh tool


Download exercise file for Correcting Improper Sleeve Simulation


Opening a Project File

- This tutorial will cover how to correct improper sleeve Simulation.

- Open the file, Correcting Improper Sleeve Simulation, for this exercise. (Download the practice files before starting this tutorial.)

- To do so, navigate to the CLO Tutorial folder, which was previously added in the Introduction to CLO tutorial, within the Library. Go to E_Fixes, then f_Correcting Improper Sleeve Simulation. Double click on the file, Correcting Improper Sleeve Simulation, or drag and drop it into either the 3D or 2D Window.


- The Patterns have already been arranged around the Avatar.

- Turn on  Simulate. The sleeves have Simulated incorrectly around the wrists.

Solution A – The Reset 3D Arrangement (All)

  • Checking 3D Arrangement

    - Turn off  Simulate. Navigate to the 3D Toolbar and select the mceclip0.png Reset 3D Arrangement (All) tool. Patterns will return to their Arrangement prior to Simulation. Zoom in near the Avatar’s wrists and look at the Pattern placement. During Arrangement, if the sleeve Patterns do not encompass the Avatar’s wrists, they will drape outside of them.

  • Tilting Sleeve Patterns

    - Change to a Front view by pressing 2 on the keyboard. Select the mceclip1.png Select/Move tool from the 3D Toolbar. In the 3D Window, click on the wearer’s right sleeve Pattern to access the Gizmo tool. Click and drag the blue circle of the Gizmo tool and slightly tilt the Sleeve Pattern. Then, click on the yellow box of the Gizmo tool to push the sleeve Pattern back. Make sure that the sleeve Pattern completely surrounds the Avatar’s right wrist. Repeat for the wearer’s left sleeve.

    - Rotate around the Avatar to check that all the Patterns have been Arranged correctly.

  • Simulate

    - Turn on  Simulate. The sleeves should drape properly around the Avatar’s arms.

Solution B – The Select Mesh tool
- To practice Solution B, reopen the file, Correcting Improper Sleeve Simulation. Turn on Simulation to drape the garment on the Avatar.

  • Making a Selection

    - Since only a portion of the sleeves are draped outside the Avatar’s wrists, use the mceclip2.png Select Mesh tool to solve the problem.

    - Select the mceclip2.png Select Mesh tool from the 3D Toolbar and the Patterns’ mesh will be visible in green in both the 3D and 2D Windows. To make a precise selection, navigate to the 2D Window. Click on the 2D grid next to the Sleeve Pattern and drag over the section of the sleeve that draped incorrectly. The selected area will be highlighted in lime green. (To learn how to use the Select Mesh tool in detail, reference the Index, Select Mesh.)

    - Navigate to the 3D Window. Click on the lime green selection and move it so that it surrounds Avatar’s wrist. Repeat selecting and moving the mesh for the other sleeve.

  • Simulate

    - Turn on  Simulate. The sleeves should drape properly around the Avatar’s arms.

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