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Correcting Improper Button Simulation


List of Contents

Opening a Project File

Straightening the Placket Patterns

Repositioning Buttons



Download exercise file for Correcting Improper Button Simulation


Opening a Project File

- The tutorial will cover how to correct improper Button Simulation.

- Open the file, Correcting Improper Button Simulation, for this exercise. (Download the practice files before starting this tutorial.)

- To do so, navigate to the CLO Tutorial folder, which was previously added in the Introduction to CLO tutorial, within the Library. Go to E_Fixes, then e_Correcting Improper Button Simulation. Double click on the file, Correcting Improper Button Simulation, or drag and drop it into either the 3D or 2D Window.

Straightening the Placket Patterns

  • Re-simulating Placket Patterns

    - The placket Patterns are twisted due to being improperly Arranged before Simulation. Select the mceclip0.png Select/Move tool from the 3D Toolbar. Click on the right placket Pattern. Use the Gizmo tool to pull it forward away from the Avatar.

    - Turn on  Simulate.

  • Straightening the Placket Patterns with the Pin tool

    - Keep Simulation on. With the mceclip0.png Select/Move tool selected, hold down the W key and click on the 3D Garment, specifically the twisted portions of the placket Patterns, to add Pins. Release the W key to stop adding Pins. There are two ways to move Pins. The first is to click on a Pin—the Gizmo tool will appear. Use it to move Pins in space until the Patterns are straightened. The second method is to click and drag the Pin into place. Repeat the process as needed. The right placket Pattern should sit properly on top of the left placket Pattern. When the Patterns have been appropriately adjusted, right click on the 3D Garment to access a pop-up menu. Select Delete All Pins.

Repositioning Buttons

  • Checking Button Simulation

    - When the placket Patterns are straightened, check to see if the Buttons Simulated correctly.

    - Some of the Buttons are still hidden under the placket Patterns.

  • Repositioning Buttons

    - One way to fix incorrectly Simulated Buttons is to reset them. Select the mceclip5.png Select/Move Button tool from the 3D Toolbar. Navigate to the 2D Window and select all the Buttons on the wearer’s left placket Pattern. To do so, click on the 2D grid next to the Pattern and drag so that all the Buttons are within the marquee box. The selected Buttons will be highlighted in yellow. Right click one of the selected Buttons to access a pop-up menu. Select Reset 3D Position. In the 3D Window, the Buttons will relocate to the top of the placket Patterns.

    - The Gizmo tool can also be used to reposition hidden or rotated Buttons.
    • If a Button is still hidden under the placket, select it in the 3D Window using the mceclip0.png Select/Move tool from the 3D Toolbar. The Gizmo tool will appear. Click and drag the blue axis forwards to pull the Button out of the placket. Use the yellow square to further adjust the Button’s position.

    • If a Button is rotated incorrectly or flipped, use the Gizmo tool to fix it. Click and drag the relevant rotational handle until the Button faces the front.

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