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Refining a Jacket: Fine-Tuning the Shell


List of Contents

Opening a Project File

Refining a Jacket

Confirming the Final Fit


Download exercise file for Refining a Jacket: Fine-Tuning the Shell


Opening a Project File

- This tutorial will cover how to refine a jacket by fine-tuning the shell.

- Open the file, Refining a Jacket, for this exercise. (Download the practice files before starting this tutorial.)

- To do so, navigate to the CLO Tutorial folder, which was previously added in the Introduction to CLO tutorial, within the Library. Go to D_Fine Tuning, then b_Refining a Jacket Fine-Tuning the Shell. Double click on the file, Refining a Jacket, or drag and drop it into either the 3D or 2D Window.

Refining a Jacket

  • Particle Distance

    - To enhance the quality of the Simulation, decrease the Particle Distance of the Patterns to 10 in the Property Editor. Particle Distance is located under the Simulation Property submenu.

  • Simulate

    - Click on the mceclip1.png Simulate icon in the 3D Toolbar to apply the changes.

  • Adjusting the Jacket

    - The jacket is shifted towards the back. To adjust the jacket so that it sits properly on the Avatar, turn off Simulation and use the Gizmo tool to tilt the Patterns forward.

    • Selecting Patterns
      - If all the Patterns are tilted forward, there is a high chance that the sleeves will drape outside of the Avatar’s arms instead of around them. To avoid this, select only the body Patterns of the jacket and tilt them forward using the Gizmo tool.

    • Tilting the Patterns
      - Change the view to either the Left or Right view in the 3D Window. To change to the Left view, press 6 on the keyboard. For the Right view, press 4. Click on the selected body Patterns of the jacket to access the Gizmo tool. Slightly tilt the selected Patterns forward. Be careful not to move the jacket off the Avatar.

  • Simulation

    - Activate mceclip1.png Simulate.

  • Fine-tuning the Jacket

    - To fine-tune parts of the jacket, use the mceclip3.png Select/Move tool from the 3D Toolbar and gently pull at the garment to adjust it so the garment sits properly on the Avatar. The mceclip4.png Pin tool from the 3D Toolbar can also be used to affix portions of the garment so they do not move around.

Confirming the Final Fit

- Rotate around the Avatar to confirm the jacket is sitting properly on the Avatar.


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