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[Property] Register Custom OBJ as Button


Create Button OBJ

Register Button OBJ 

Create Button OBJ by Thread Type




Register a custom OBJ file as Button.


Main Menu ▶ Materials ▶ Button ▶ Register Button

Property Editor ▶ Shape ▶ plus_button.png


Create Button OBJ

Please check below requirements before registering an OBJ as a button.


  • Position the face of an OBJ towards Y-axis.
  • Position the contact point of an OBJ where it should be attached to 3D garments at 0,0,0 (x,y,z) coordinates.
  • The unit of OBJs must be in mm.


Button.png  Button_OBJ.png

Please check the attached OBJ file in your 3D modeling program for better understanding.



Register Button OBJ

      1. Select the tool/menu indicated in Location. 
        → Register Button window appears. 
      2. After setting the following options, Click OK. 
        Name Set the name of the button file. 
        Thumbnail Apply the thumbnail of the button file. 
        Button (ver 6.1) Set the properties for the button file to be registered. 
        ※Note: If the OBJ shape is different for each button size, click the + button on the top right to register as buttons of various sizes. 
        Size Name Set the size name.
        OBJ Load the OBJ file to be registered with the button.
        Width/Thickness/Weight Set the width/thickness/weight of the button. 
        Default Size Set the size to be applied by default when changing with the button.
        → The registered button is saved in the path below. 
          CLO ▶ Assets ▶ Materials ▶ Hardware_and_Trims ▶ Button & Buttonhole ▶ Button 


Create Button OBJ by Thread Type 

      1. Set the Mesh name of the button to REN_BUTTON, REN_THREAD.
      2. Create an OBJ for each thread type with the above MESH name.
        Set the name of the OBJ file for each thread type to 
        *_Cross.obj, *_Parallel.obj , *_Square.obj.
      3. Register the created OBJ file as a button.
      4. Save the created *_Cross.btn, *_Parallel.btn , *_Square.btn files in the path below.
        C:\Users\Public\Documents\CLO\Assets\Materials\Hardware_and_Trims\Button & Buttonhole\Button 
      5. Run CLO and change the type of the thread in the button property window > Type > Thread Type.




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    I succesfully created a custom button obj, exported from Blender with all 3 thread types selectable, but I don't get the separate material options (as with the default buttons) to select between Button/Thread materials.