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Adding Pleats - Knife Pleats


  • eugenio63

    The pleats folding tool from the 5.1 version doesn't work in my iMac.

  • aarondavison

    My pleats sewing tool doesn't seem to sew them as pleats. It just sews as if an ordinary seam. Is there something i am missing? or a way around this?

  • A

    The pleats folding tool doesn't work in the 5.1 version.

  • isabeldelfresno

    In the 5.2 version, when using the PLEATS FOLD tool, you have to select in "number of internal lines per pleat" - 3 (instead of 2 as it´s predetermined)

  • clover3d

    Next instruction "Adding Pleats - Box Pleats" has more thorough instruction. You need to Trace the pleats line into internal lines, then Pleat Fold Tool works. This instruction misses that part.

  • arminbabaeistudio

    this is not working on CLO 6.x, will you be updating this? isn't helpful either!

  • Milagrosag

    Los tutoriales son obsoletos, deja mucho que decir con todo lo que estáis avanzando en CLO, esto da mala imagen, además de que no enseña ni aporta nada si no se corresponde con e programa actual. GRACIAS.