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How can I deactivate my license?


  • goddessofpizza


    I can't seem to locate the Auto Deactivation in the sign in dialogue. I'm using CLO 4.1.94. Do I always need to have this option checked, or will CLO Deactivate when I close the program regularly?


  • Permanently deleted user

    @goddessofpizza! May I know which authentication type (e.g. Standalone OnlineAuth, Network OnlinAuth...etc.) you are using with CLO? You can check that from the Desktop icon. Its name indicates the authentication type!

  • dutchesse1

    Hi there, is there a way to put my account on hold for a while?
    I am having to do some different University projects for the next semester and would like to put my account on hold as I won't have time to work on CLO3D for a few months?

  • Permanently deleted user



    To put your account on hold, please cancel your subscription from the Order page and re-subscribe when you will be using CLO :)

  • kiddtr333

    how do I deactivate my license if that computer is unresponsive

  • purrpearls


    I tried to open my clo on my laptop but it isn´t working. It tells me that i need to deactivate my licence on my other computer, but the computer is OFF and out of order at the moment. I have no access to it right now and as I can see, there is no other option? How can I solve this problem?

  • amyliantonio

    I am having the same issue as purrpearls. I have no access to the computer that my license is connected to. How can I deactivate my license on the other computer?

  • annelupas

    Same issue here!!

  • baharergulll

    Hi! I have same problem :( The program is not active on another computer. Even though I can't open it on on my computer. Help

  • andraandzane

    I had the same issue.
    Solution is explained in the article- Deactivate CLO in website (it is highlighted on the right top corner of this exact page/Related Articles)
    Simply deactivate it in your account while in, under your license section, give it a 10 min and then try to log-in in the program itself.

  • urshurak

    Would have been nice if the Windows desktop client message indicated that "deactivation" should be done on the website menu. Wasted an hour trying to resolve this

  • carleslopez

    Hey on the new page of CLO3D it seems the deactivate button does not work. How can I deactivate the license as before? As A Freelance sometimes a need to do extra hours at home and now I can't!!
    /Users/carleslopez/Desktop/Captura de Pantalla 2022-04-13 a las 18.38.04.png

  • gworks

    hi, i just downloaded the trial version but realised my os doesn't support it. how can i delay or postpone the start of trying out clo3d till i sort out my mac?