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Where can I find help about CLO?


  • dutchesse1

    Hi there, several of your tutorial videos refer to 'practice files' which I am unable to locate.
    Please provide either a link or a path to the file location.

    Thanks :)

  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi! You can find the practice files from below link.

    Please find "Download exercise files here" comment under Windows > Library

  • svedro

    win x32 problems

  • nastyabronya

    Hello. Where can I find the activation ID?

  • neeraj77

    can we make rug/carpet in clo

  • valemay

    Hi, I am not able to see both 2D and 3D view at the same time. I clic the double window at bottom right but still only 2D or 3D. How can I get the double view I see in tutorials? Note: I have already tried to reset to default layout. Note I use to have double view but not anymore.

  • uzairuzair

    Hi, how can i get help from clo 3d for duvet cover, bed sheets and curtains ?