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  • pasmurnovael

    Hi! When registering, I did not indicate that I am a student and now it is impossible to apply the discount. my student address the free period has passed, and now I would like to buy a subscription with a corresponding discount, but I can't. What should I do? Thanks!

  • philippeelriachi

    Hello, I've received a an error : failed to read the project file and the only method I've found was using 7 zip which did not work can I send the corrupt file to see if anything can be retreived

  • francescacarriero

    Hi, I have downloaded the trial and the 3d window is often going crazy where the fabrics are flying everywere and not responding. It's very furstating since I have almost finished the outfit. Is it possible to save it? i have tried to save the pattern in pdf and put it on a new file and avatar but still after a bit I work on it it starts doing the same things.

  • mrsaravanan



    how to reslove this buggs