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Can I change my ID or email address?



Can I change my ID or email address?



No, as the email and user ID act as user identification, you cannot change your ID or email address on the CLO website.

In order to change your ID or email address, you need to delete and create a new account by signing up again. However
, your activated license will not be carried over to your new account. Please note that you cannot delete your account until your subscription expires.


To create a new account, please follow the indicated guideline below.

  1. Cancel your subscription on your Billing Details page if you have a recurring subscription. Then, wait until your subscription expires. (If you are not subscribing, please go to Step 2.)
  2. Delete your account on your Account page.
  3. Sign up with your new user ID and email address.

*Once you sign up with a new email address, you cannot use the same user ID from the previous account. 



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