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I cannot import my AI as patterns. How can I fix the problem?


  • dutchesse1

    I was struggling with this as well with purchased pdf patterns.
    I checked all paths where closed ... I checked for dbl lines/point. I copied pasted ... tried all sorts of things but It would import some pieces just fine (for no apparent reason) but other pieces simply refused to be imported ...

    Finally found the (simplest) solution ... FILL ...
    I added a fill to all the paths and voila ... all the pattern pieces imported as they should :)

    Of course ... also check to make sure all paths in illustrator are closed (sometimes if point are close to each other it will fill but the path is technically still open and won't import in CLO).

  • Permanently deleted user

    @dutchesse1, Thanks for the feedback! I will let our developer know about this new troubleshooting method!

  • sprayer

    I have the same issue, do not know why am not able to import any files AI\PDF from illustrator 2017, i was save AI and import in Corel Draw and export PDF again and it works in CLO