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What other services do you have other than CLO?



What other services do you have other than CLO?



We have other programs that you can utilize with CLO: CLOset, Benefit by CLO, CLO Stylist, CLO Viewer, and CLO Show Player.

CLO-SET is an online cloud platform where you can share and communicate with your 3D Garments.

Benefit by CLO is an online-based virtual fitting solution, allowing users to make their own personal Avatars with their body sizes and check fit and design by trying on virtual 3D Garments made in CLO. Provide virtual fitting room to costumers with Benefit by CLO.

CLO Stylist is an mobile app service supporting virtual styling with 3D Garments, allowing rotation and zoom in and out of coordinated 3D Garments, as well as changing their textures and colors.  

CLO Viewer is a program to open and see 3D Garments created in CLO.

For further information on these products, please contact us.

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