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  • storytailor

    I have been trying to reach your office in Bangalore in India. I have sent multiple emails for the same but have not received a response.

    I would like to schedule a meeting with your team in Bangalore to discuss the integration of your software into my company.
    I am the director of a startup located in Kerala and Bangalore, India. My brand, Storytailor is an intersection of fashion and technology, and I would like to see if Clo3D could be a part of our production process. We are an e-commerce brand that provides an online tailoring service.

    We came upon Clo through social media and have thereupon looked through its usage in the industry and its application in universities.
    I would like to discuss the business solutions specified on your website to understand them as per the needs of my company. I also have further questions regarding your software and its technical requirements. Is there a trial version that your team could help us with to understand the application of the software in our company?

    Please let me know when we can schedule an appointment at your office in Bangalore. I would like to start the integration at the earliest!

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!