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Segment Darts


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Add Dart

Create Segment Darts

Edit Segment Darts


Add Dart

- Create Darts on Pattern outlines.

- Select the  Edit Pattern tool from the 2D toolbar and right click on a point. Then, click Add Dart from the pop-up menu.

Create Segment Darts

- When the Dart window appears, adjust each option to create a Dart.

  • Total Width
    - Set the total width of the Dart.

  • Dart Arm Width
    - Set the half-length of the Dart.

  • Length
    - Set the depth of the Dart.

Edit Segment Darts

- Select the  Edit Pattern tool from the 2D toolbar.

- Select all Pattern outlines that form the Dart.

- The lines will be selected and highlighted in yellow.

- Right-click on the selected lines and click the Edit Dart option from the pop-up menu.

- Similar to when creating the Dart, adjust each option and click OK.

- The Dart will be edited based on the settings.


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  • Avatar


    How can we pivot an existing segment dart in a 2d pattern?

    Let say I have on my pattern by default a bust dart going from the tip of the bust to the side of the garment and I want to rotate it around to go toward the neck. How would you proceed in order to keep the same value of the dart (enventually the fit will remain the same but the orientation of the dart will be different).

    Thx for your help.