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Transform Pattern


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Transform Pattern

Select Pattern

Select Multiple Patterns

Move Pattern

Scale Pattern

Rotate Pattern


Transform Pattern



- Select, move, and scale Patterns.

- Select the  Transform Pattern tool from the 2D toolbar.

- Or, navigate to the Main Menu and select 2D Pattern ▶ Edit ▶ Tranform Pattern.

Select Pattern

  • Click

    - Click within the pattern to be selected.

    - Or, create a marquee box to encompass the Patterns to be selected. Keep in mind that the Patterns need to be fully enclosed within the marquee box in order to be selected properly.

  • Lasso Selection

    - Double click on the 2D window to activate the Lasso Selection.

    - Click around the Patterns to be selected to draw marquee box in a desired shape and click the start point again the complete the Lasso Selection.

    - The selected Patterns will be highlighted in yellow.

    - Similar with selecting Patterns with the marquee box, Patterns should be fully enclosed.

Select Multiple Patterns


- While selecting Patterns, hold down the Shift key and select all Patterns you desire to select.

Move Pattern

  • With Mouse

    - Click and drag the Pattern.

  • With Arrow Keys

    - Click the Pattern to be moved.

    - Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the Pattern towards the desired direction.

    - The Pattern will move in 1cm increments when using the arrow keys on the keyboard.

  • Move in Guidelines

    - While click and dragging the Pattern, hold down the Shift key on the keyboard to activate the guidelines.

    - The Pattern can be moved in a straight line or a diagonal line.

Scale Pattern

  • Scale Manually

    - Click the Pattern to be scaled. The marquee box will appear around the Pattern.

    - Click and drag the white point on the marquee box to enlarge or shrink the selected Pattern.

  • Scale with Specific Values

    - After selecting the Pattern and click and dragging the white point on the marquee box, right click on the 2D window.

    - The Transform window will appear.

    - Enter the desired values to Percentage and Dimension to scale the Pattern with the desired values.

Rotate Pattern

- Click on the Pattern to show the marquee box.

- Click and drag the white point above the marquee box to rotate the selected Pattern.


  • Pivot Point

    - The point at the center of the Pattern appears with the marquee box is the Pivot Point.

    - Double click the Pivot Point to activate it. 。

    - Move the Pivot Point to change the fiducial point which the Pattern will rotate on the basis of.


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