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Set Sublayer

Apply Sublayer

Definition of Sublayer

Delete Sublayer


Set Sublayer

- Assign the order of patterns in layers.

- Select the  Set Sublayer tool from the 2D toolbar.

- Or, navigate to the Main Menu and select 2D Pattern ▶ Set Sublayer.

Apply Sublayer

- When the  Set Sublayer tool is selected, all Pattern texture will disappear in the 2D window.

- Click on the Pattern as it will be highlighted in red.

- Move the cursor as the red arrow follows along the mouse cursor.

- Click on the other Pattern.
- Navigate to the 3D window and activate the  Simulation.

- The Pattern that was clicked at the first time will be arranged above the Pattern that was clicked at the second time.

Definition of Sublayer

- The plus sign on the line connecting two selected Patterns indicates that the Pattern selected second will be placed above the Pattern selected first.

- Click the plus sign to change it to a minus sign.

- The minus sign indicates that the Pattern selected second will be placed below the Pattern selected first.

Delete Sublayer

- With the  Set Sublayer tool activated, click on the arrow connecting two selected Patterns.

- When the arrow is highlighted in yellow, hit the Delete key on the keyboard.

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