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Apply Steam

Steam Brush

Delete Steam



- Partially shrink or stretch fabric as if it was steamed in real life.

- Select the  Steam tool from the 2D toolbar.

- Or, navigate to the Main Menu and select Materials ▶ Steam ▶ Steam.

Apply Steam

- Select the  Steam tool from the 2D toolbar.

- Click and drag to apply Steam to the Pattern in the 2D window.

- Click and drag multiple times on the same spot to strengthen the steam effect.

- Activate the  Simulation in the 3D window to observe changes in the 3D Garment.

Steam Brush

  • Shrinkage

    - Adjust the shrinkage of the fabric.

    - When the Shrinkage value is negative, the applied part of the Pattern will appear in light-blue as it shrinks.

    - When the Shrinkage value is positive, the applied part of the Pattern will appear in orange as it stretches.

  • Size

    - Adjust the size of the Steam brush.

    - Larger the size is, bigger the Steam brush is.

  • Hardness

    - Adjust the density of the Steam effect.

    - When the Hardness value is adjusted, the center circle will expand or shrink.

    - Larger the value is, larger area of the Pattern will be applied with strong Steam effect.

    - The strength of the Steam effect will subside as it approaches near the outer circle of the Steam brush.

Delete Steam

- While the  Steam tool is selected, right click on the Pattern to access the pop-up menu.

- Click Remove Steam on Selected Pattern. 

- All Steam will be removed from the selected Pattern.

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