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Slash and Spread


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Slash and Spread

Create Slash Line

Rotate Pattern


Slash and Spread
- Create a Slash Line inside a Pattern to divide, rotate, and edit the Pattern.

- Select the  Slash&Spread tool from the 2D toolbar.

- Or, navigate to the Main Menu and select 2D Patterns ▶ Edit ▶Slash&Spread.

Create Slash Line

- To divide and rotate the Patterns, the Slash Line must be created first.

- The Slash Line can be created on the Pattern outlines.

- Click on the Pattern outline to create the start point. The start point of the Slash Line will be the fiducial point where the Pattern will rotated on the basis of. Drag the mouse on click again on the Pattern outline to complete the Slash Line.

- Baselines and Internal Lines can also be used as Slash Lines. 。

Rotate Pattern

- Click the half of the Pattern that will be rotated. Hover the mouse over the half and when the Pattern is highlighted in light-blue, click to select. When the half of the Pattern is selected, it will be highlighted in yellow.

- Move the mouse cursor to preview the Pattern after the modification. Rotate the Pattern to spread or clip Patterns.

- Move the half of the Pattern as desired and click to complete the modification.

- Baselines and Internal Lines can also be used to rotate Patterns.

- Or, when moving the half of the Pattern, right-click to access the Spread window. Enter the desired values to Distance and Angle and click OK.


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