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Segment Sewing


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Segment Sewing

Establish Sewing Lines

Directional Notches

Divide Sewing Lines Based on Notches


Segment Sewing

- Establish Sewing Lines on segments, split by points, to connect Patterns.

- Select the  Segment Sewing tool from the 2D toolbar.

- Or, navigate to and select Main Menu ▶ Sewing ▶ Segment Sewing.

Establish Sewing Lines

- Select the  Segment Sewing tool from the 2D toolbar.

- Navigate to the 2D window.

- Click on a segment on a Pattern to establish the first half of the Sewing Line.

- Then, hover the mouse over the segment where the second half of the Sewing Line will be placed to.

- Drag the mouse to alter the direction of the Directional Notch as desired.

- Click on the segment to establish the second half of the Sewing Line.

- A pair of Sewing Lines is completed.

- The Sewing Line difference will hover over the mouse cursor.

- When the Sewing Line difference is larger than 1mm, the value will appear in red to alert users.

Directional Notches

- The direction of the Directional Notches can be changed by moving the mouse on the Sewing Lines.

- To reset the Directional Notches on a pair of Sewing Lines, hit the ESC key or the Ctrl+Z keys on the keyboard.


Divide Sewing Lines Based On Nothches(ver4.1.0)

- Now sewing lines can be created snapping on notches, without adding segment points.

- Select the Segment Sewing tool from the 2D toolbar. 

- Establish sewing lines based on notches. 


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