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Seam Taping


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Seam Taping

Apply Seam Taping

Seam Taping Properties


Seam Taping

- Apply Seam Tapes to Pattern outlines to prevent stretch due to gravity.

- Select the  Seam Taping tool from the 2D toolbar.

- Or, navigate to the Main Menu and select Materials ▶ Seam Taping.

Apply Seam Taping

- With the  Seam Taping tool activated, select the Pattern outline to apply the Seam Tape.

- The selected Pattern outline will be highlighted in orange.

- Click the  Simulation tool from the 3D toolbar.

- The 3D Garment’s drape will change in the 3D window according to the application.

Seam Taping Properties

- Use the  Edit Pattern tool or the  Seam Taping tool to select the desired Seam Tape applied to the Pattern outline.

- The selected Seam Tape’s properties will appear in the Property Editor.

- Width: edit the wide of the Seam Tape.

- Preset: choose the Seam Tape’s preset from the provided options.

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    Hi, how do you hide seam taping? It appears as an orange stripe on my 3D pattern