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Lock All Patterns


Lock All Patterns

- Lock all Patterns to inhibit selecting and editing in the 2D window and easily select and edit Internal Lines.

- Right-click on the 2D window and select Lock All Patterns from the pop-up menu. All Patterns will turn grey and be deactivated.

- Only activated Internal Lines can be selected and edited.


Lock Selected Patterns_ver5.0.0 and Above

- Select the Toolbar_2D_Pattern_Transform.png Transform Pattern or the Toolbar_2D_Pattern_Edit.png Edit Pattern tool.

- Right click on the Pattern to be locked and select Lock Pattern from the right-click pop-up menu.

- The selected Pattern and all Internal Lines within are locked and cannot be selected.

- The selected Pattern and Internal Lines turn grey.

- To unlock the Pattern, right click on the 2D window and select Unlock All Pattern Outlines.

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