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Edit UV


Edit UV

- Change the Pattern placement and edit the UV layout in the 2D Window.
- Select the  Edit UV tool from the 2D toolbar.

- Or, navigate to and select Main Menu ▶ Material ▶ Edit UV.

  • Automatic

    The Automatic option is set as default.

    - When the  Edit UV tool’s setting is set as Automatic, the UV area will be automatically assigned, surrounding all Patterns in the 2D window. 

  • Manual

    - The marquee box surrounding all Patterns in the 2D window will appear when the Edit UV tool is activated. 

    - Click the icon on the right top of the marquee box.

    - The Edit UV tool’s setting will be changed to Manual, allowing users to manually edit the UV area.

    - When the marquee box changes to light blue, click and drag the marquee box to resize the UV area.

    - Select and move the Patterns to rearrange them within the UV area.
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    Anna Barannik

    > Select the Edit UV tool from the 2D toolbar.

    There isn't this tool in ver When we should expect an update?