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Deactivate (Pattern Only)


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Deactivate (Pattern Only)

Result of Deactivate (Pattern Only)

Features of Deactivate (Pattern Only)


Deactivate (Pattern Only)

- Deactivate selected Patterns to easily perform meticulous editing on the 3D Garment.

- Select desired Patterns to be deactivated and right click to access the pop-up menu. Then, select Deactivate (Pattern Only).

Result of Deactivate (Pattern Only)

- When the selected Patterns are properly deactivated, Patterns should turn translucent navy. When the Simulation is activated, deactivated Patterns will not move, but sewing lines will still be activated.

- To activate the selected Patterns, right click again and select Activate.

Features of Deactivate (Pattern Only)

- Deactivated Patterns will not be calculated for collision.

- Simulate overlapped Patterns, one being activated and the other being deactivated. The activated Pattern will easily pass through the deactivated Pattern. 

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